The Studio


Sculpting is Steve’s passion.

Steve Posson’s art is about lives in motion.

Steve learned to drive on a Ford tractor, before building his own car in his teens. That first car was a 1933 Plymouth with a Corvette V8 engine – loud, fast, overheated, wouldn’t stop.. – a hot rod!!
Good training for a mechanically minded artist!

Prior to his focus on fine art sculpture, Posson studied automobile design at Art Center College of Design in Southern California. He designed prototype bodywork for Jeep, Volvo and Renault, as well as motorcycle designs for Kawasaki, Yamaha and BMW.   He currently works as a modeler in new car studios currently with automotive Design studios, in Germany.

Liselotte Bjorck-Posson, Steve’s partner in life, understands the sculpture business and manages much of the production related to Steve’s sculptures. She works in tandem with him, sculpting the figures and helping with chasing of waxes and more. She has in turn taken to learning much of the creative process, making molds, changing masters, etc. Her end is “Bonafide Design.”
Lise is often in studio, making sure that the orders get produced with the help of their foundries and vendors.

Expect delivery from 3 to 6 months on typical orders after ordering.

Unique first time commissions can take longer, when making the master and casting the first bronzes is always partly a discovery process, each artwork has it’s own needs.
Steve is often says:
The Bronze Sculpture you see is the last act of the production, but there is a whole play in there!!

This Californian combines his training in design, passion and the ancient technique of lost wax casting to create limited edition bronze sculpture.  Lost wax, also called “investment” casting, is thousands of years old.
This process can capture details down to a fingerprint, and the metal is unequaled in the palette of surfaces and finishes available to the artist.

Steve is savy with many mediums. Creating his masters from wood, renshape, various metals and clay, his understanding of many materials has created a natural path in offering sculptures, in other materials as well. Posson Sculpture works closely hand in hand with Bonafide Design, creating and producing all types of awards and gift solutions for exciting events and venues.

Posson Sculpture is looking for representation.

We want to be in the studio, making art. It’s what we do best.
Help us sell our art! We welcome representation.

Corporate clients have included Ford Company, Harley Davidson, Petersen Automobile Museum, American Motorcylist Museum, Helmet House, The California Mille Miglia, Mother’s Polish, Gulf Stream Aerospace, Clear Channel and the Los Angeles Roadsters amongst others.

The Posson’s have displayed the artwork at Barrett-Jackson, Pebble Beach Retro Auto, The Greenwich Concours, The Newport Beach Concours, The L.A. Roadsters Show, The Grand National Roadster Show, to mention a few venues.