Xenia, Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet, 1938

Xenia, Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet, 1938

Xenia • 38″ • Edition of 5 • Lost wax bronze • in polychrome or bronze

Sometimes referred to as “Car 32” this beauty has a complex story of builders and designers.
Purchased by Dubonnet in 1932, the original car had been designed by Jean Andreau.
In 1938 Dubonnet employed Jacques Saoutchik to create this wild sleek racer.

“Xenia,” the sculpture, is inspired by the opulence and romance of the era.
It’s story is unique to the Art Deco period and this Automobile was the apogee of that flamboyant era.

With a fully modeled interior, beautiful show case driver with her dog, photographer capturing the moment, this work is a tribute to the history of the car and it’s winning moment.

“Xenia” is available in a numbered edition of 10.

Customers can order one or two or no passengers; painted or bronze bodywork.