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Rimoldi Vacation – Alfa Romeo 8c2300

Rimoldi’s Vacation supercharged 8C2300 by Touring. 23 inches Bronze on a walnut base.

Family. When is a car like family?

In 1932 Mr.Rimoldi bought a fast Alfa Romeo race car, a supercharged 8C2300, short wheelbase,
body by Touring,one year old.
Then he and Mrs.Rimoldi drove it, everywhere, in all weather, for 50 years!
“The Vacation” shows the Rimoldis in their Alfa off for a ski trip, complete with chains, custom luggage,
warm clothes and skis.
The sculpture is available in a classic bronze patina or hand painted.
“The Vacation” comes with a Christmas wreath in a secret compartment, for the holidays.
The car still exists, it is still driven, it is still original.