Process for commissions

Process for commissions

Custom awards and trophies can take a little time. Lets be prepared and plan ahead.

Does your event need a unique design to commemorate the moment? Are you looking for a personal unique commission?

Creating a custom sculpture takes a little doing. Your thoughts, wishes and desires need to be interpreted and captured by us. We present sketches to you once you tell us what you would like. Once the sketches are approved, we make the master. Once the master is captured in the molding process, the molds yield waxes or resin castings.
The resins or waxes are perfected and prepared for the foundry or our professional automotive painting and detailing team. The foundry casts the waxes, metal is welded, polished, patinated and set on its base. Resin castings are painted and mounted on beautiful marble bases. Pewters are usually mounted on their own pewter bases after being cleaned up and finished after castings are set.

We offer a variety of processes and final materials that fulfill a wide range of budgets and needs.

Give Lise a call, she'll help with questions you might have regarding your event, your awards, your trophies, your commission. Or email Steve with your questions, either way we are here to help make your sculpture perfect for you.

These are all complex steps, that have taken many thousands of years to perfect. Each and every casting is unique. There are no two perfectly alike. With an excellent mold, a handmade wax still varies just slightly. All steps in the process need to be handled with care and expertise. You can trust us to get the job done, make your event special, your gift beautiful. Call us!