Indian 8 Valve, Flying Mile

Indian 8 Valve, Flying Mile

“Flying Mile” is a six foot long wax bronze. Edition 10.

Albert “Shrimp” Burns on his 1914 Indian 8 Valve, Board Tracker.
Shrimp Burns was a very popular and talented rider – if his bike would run right, he would win.
Flying Mile shows Burns drifting sideways through a mile dirt track corner, dust flying from the tires.
He is dressed in 1914 riding gear – leather aviators hat, goggles, thick sweater, leather pants, boots and gloves.

The bike was Indian’s fastest racer, the 61 inch 8-valve. It had no suspension, clutch, gear box or even a throttle.
Once it as running it ran wide open until stopped by a kill switch.
It could go 110 miles per hour on a smooth board track, on 2 1/2 inch wide tires.

The whole motorcycle and rider is leaned forward to give an old photographic “speed” look to the work.

The bronze has crisp details, including the Indian name on the crank case and gas tank and stitching on the leather parts.
Want to know a little bit about the process?

A bronze for an entrance to a lobby, maybe outside, on a lawn, or maybe inside a private home.