Father’s Day, 1932 V8

Father’s Day, 1932 V8

Fathers’ Day • 24”x 12”x 11” Bronze on Marble & Black Walnut

This is a classic celebration of two classic Americans – the 1932 Ford Roadster and Dad.
The Deuce is 75 years old this year. 1932 was a the first year for Ford’s new flathead V8
– serious acceleration for an affordable car. It started America’s love affair with V8’s.

It’s the body of the Deuce that’s the magic. The Deuce looks just right, kind of sleek but short and all business behind the classic grille. “Father’s Day” is an old fashioned high boy roadster with stock hood, cowl vent, slightly chopped windshield and ‘39 taillights.

All hot rods are unique, and “Father’s Day” is unique as well. Steve will offer a stock straight Ford front axle, or a dropped axle, and stock ‘32 wires or ‘40 steelies with hubcaps. Both wheel choices will have big and little tires.
Inside the car is the proud Dad, a 10 year son holding a dog, who’s happily leaning out of the car.

“Father’s Day” says “Life is Good.”