Aston Martin DB35

Aston Martin DB35

Aston Martin • Edition of 30 • 18″ x 11″ x 7″ • Bronze

Roy Salvadori slides his Aston Martin DB35 through a European road course, circa 1953.
A notable pilot in a great looking racing sports car.

Aston Martin is a legendary English sports car company, today enjoying great success. Lionel Martin started out building race cars in 1913 and had competitive success until 1926, when he gave up. It was too expensive a sport. A new company was started with Augustus Bertelli as head. It produced solid, fast cars that won more races, but still never made money. After WWII, Aston Martin was purchased by British industrialist David Brown, who also purchased the Lagonda company, another small British firm. The Lagonda had a powerful new six cylinder, double overhead camshaft engine designed by W.O. Bentley. Brown looked at the excellent Aston chassis and put in the Lagonda engine, starting the DB [David Brown] series Aston-Martins. The DB3S was a strong and fast car with a sleek body designed by the excellent Frank Feeley.
The DB series progressed through the DB6 [James Bond’s car] and today’s DB9, a luxurious rocket.

Roy Salvadori has a history as a fine driver, winning in many series including Formula One, Formula Two, and sports car racing.
In endurance racing he was victorious co-driving with Carroll Shelby, among others. He was associated with Aston Martin as a works driver.

“Aston Martin” is an investment cast bronze tribute to a fine driver in a legendary sports car.