American Racer

American Racer

American Racer • 60″ long • Bronze Editon of 10

Art-Deco dust flies around this large dramatic sculpture as legendary driver Frank Lockhart steers his Miller 183 through a corner. “American Racer” is proudly old fashioned, inspired by the 1920’s “Richfield Racer.”

In 1920 Harry Miller built his first straight eight engine a 183 cubic double overhead cam beauty. In Miller’s own meticulously designed and finished chassis, it immediately started winning races. Miller was a brilliant engineer and machinist. The 183 was the first in a family of Miller double overhead cam shaft engines to run in speedway competition, but not the last. The four cylinder Miller race car engine was manufactured as the Offenhauser, later Meyer-Drake, up into the 1970’s. Miller designed engines won top-line American speedway races for an amazing 50 years.

“American Racer” is in the Art Deco style, with the “dust” tying all the visual components together into a lively sculpture. The whole work is leaned forward to give a “speed” look, similar to old focal-plane camera photos.

This is a large scale bronze. Great for a lobby, museum, or a big collection.